Become the Best You
Make Peace with the Past and Break the Cycle of Dysfunction
By Reneé Davis

Are you stuck in a rut of negative and detrimental behaviour?

Are you spending too much time glancing backwards because it feels impossible to forgive the past?

Are you desperate not to make the same mistakes your parents made?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this is the book for you.

After her dysfunctional upbringing Reneé Davis knew she wanted more out of life, but had no idea how she was going to achieve it. She lived life in self-destruct mode for years until she eventually made peace with the past, ditched bad influences and behaviour, and got comfortable with what she saw in the mirror.

This book tells you how you can do the same. How you can change your life and break your own cycle of dysfunction.

Anyone is capable of doing it. You just have to want to badly enough.


What readers are saying

Change is entirely possible and a much brighter future is entirely in your hands
"The suggestions that Renee makes will help you to become the best possible version of yourself. It will take some effort and self control, but if you are willing to make some effort this book will show you that change is entirely possible and will help you achieve it...... It will provide hope that change is entirely possible and that we don’t have to be a victim of our past."

Zena Goldman, Zena's Suitcase

An inspiring read
"On one level, Renée Davis's self help book is down to earth, full of practical advice, clearly set out and presents the road to recovery from emotional damage in manageable steps.

It is also an inspirational story.

Reading this made me change the way I thought about the capacity of the human spirit to heal itself."
Denise Kong, Amazon review

Open, honest and incredibly inspiring
"Reneé’s candid and honest account of her dysfunctional childhood, her years living in self-destruct mode and her determination to break the cycle of dysfunction and move forward is inspirational. Through her down-to-earth approach and sharing of her own personal experiences, she encourages the reader through her own tried and tested path to moving forward and becoming the person she wanted to be. If you’ve ever struggled with being stuck in a spiral of negativity, this book will encourage and guide you through to help you break free."
Louise George, Amazon review

If one of your resolutions is to make positive changes to your life, I can thoroughly recommend buying this book"You don’t have to have had a dysfunctional childhood to read or gain insight from the book: it gives any reader some prompts to change or tweak parts of their life they are not wholly happy with. I think having at least one thing in our lives we are not happy with is something we can all relate to."

Leigh Kendall, Headspace Perspective

Read an excerpt of the book here.


About the author

Reneé Davis lives just outside London, England. She's happily married and has three gorgeous children who keep her on her toes.

When she isn't writing, or having fun with her kids, she can probably be found in her kitchen creating yummy food.

Reneé is living proof that you can survive a dysfunctional childhood and still end up being normal.

Visit her blog to find out more

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